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Shop Local is a company dedicated to building wealthy, healthy, and vibrant communities through supporting people like you who refuse to succumb to the “hum-drum” of conformity.

TRUE STORY: In 1988 Krista bought her prom dress at Contempo Casuals, a then chain store in the local mall. The dress was white, with spaghetti straps, and a sweet-heart shaped top. With long white gloves and appropriately teased-bangs, she was the epitome of late 80’s high school teen fashion. Unfortunately, when she arrived at the prom, at least 4 other girls (all in better shape than she) were wearing the same dress.

What happened?
She was so entranced by the lure of easy shopping at the mall, she didn’t realize that there were many cute, affordable, and ORIGINAL options at the local shops in her town.

Fast forward to 2014, and not much has changed. We are often forced to shop Big Box Stores or chain stores. Walk into any of these big-name places and you’ll find the same items, at similar price points…BORING!

We are forced to conform through lack of choice and lack-luster choices. But if you’re like my friend Krista, the problem isn’t that you want to conform, the problem is that you may not know that there are many original and affordable shopping options in your local communities…

…and opportunities for you to express your originality by purchasing some of your tools, toiletries, and tee shirts at your local stores.

You can even expand your local horizons and find terrific local services like attorneys, tutors, and executive coaching. Or independent bakeries and restaurants where the menu choice is based on what’s seasonal, fresh, and local rather than what’s dictated by their out-of-state corporate headquarters.

Your communities are in danger of becoming hum-drum, but you can stop the madness.

The Big Box Stores, while convenient, are robbing our communities of their uniqueness while they take their revenues out of state or country to corporate headquarters.

What this means for you is less options and less revenue going back into your local community.

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a local business–$68 stays in the local economyi; yet for every $100 spent at a chain business, only $43 stays in the local economy.

Local businesses reinvest 25% more than national chain stores in the same area!

Money spent by local business recirculates within the community because they buy from other local business. And when they spend their money locally, it boosts your local economy.

That’s good news for you, your schools, friends, and neighbors.

There are so many reasons to shop local, so will you join the movement? (Just say “yes” you know you want to).

Why Join?

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